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There have been debates over this topic for years now, even though people still consider them as supposedly similar in terms of attack potency, durability and speed, Ichigo completely out classes Naruto by BOUNDS.

We are going to start off with Ichigo's attack potency: this one was the hardest feat to prove, but unfortunately thanks to a fan made video i realised something- Ichigo broke the dimensional barrier between Hueco Mundo and the human realm using sheer strength, which puts his strength at least at the level of Superboy prime.

Speed: quote "Like lightning Ichigo pressures Byakuya with god-like speed and attacks him at close range". This is taken right out of the official guide and proves that in his Bankai form he can fight at light speeds. But, thats nothing compared to what comes up. Ichigo could dodge Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras, which is instantaneous at point blank and could move in Aizen's black coffin which desorts space and time- he is faster than instant speeds and time itself.

Durability: again, Aizen's Black Coffin. Black holes have the power to crush the earth into a golfball. Now, before anyone starts with "oh, but Guy could do the same thing", no. What guy did is bending only space with speed, not gravitation. The only thing that can warp space and time is black holes.

Other character than can solo the Narutoverse:

Gremmy- due to being nigh-omnipotent (imagination realization)- can accomplish anything he imagines. If he imagines how the Narutoverse gets deleted out of existence, it'll happen. And before people start with "but how did Kenpachi kill him if he is this strong?" there is a simple explanation which allowed Ichigo to kill Yhwach- plot armor, both of Ichigo and Kenpachi were simply not supposed to die.

Aizen- he is a limited reality warper and has complete hypnosis- control over all of ur senses, which could trick Yhwach- a being able to see the future and manipulate it at will.

Yhwach- surely the most powerful Bleach character, a complete immortal able to manipulate timelines and has the Almighty- able to see any incoming attack in the future and completely nullify it. Due to imagination realization (when a sternritter dies his powers return back to Yhwach) and the omni-precognition he is nigh-omnipotent and nigh-omniscient.

Also, Ichigo in his Dangai form is 5D or above, Aizen- 4D (after his Zapakuto started disappearing- arguably 6D)- no one in Narutoverse is even close.

  • dimensional scale- a lower dimensional being cannot damage or interract with a higher dimensional being.

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